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Hello and welcome to Miles By Design! We believe that variety is the spice of life and that is why we are always creating and crafting a range of different products from jewellery, homewares, wedding accessories, books and miniatures. On this blog we will keep you updated on any new projects or any news that we are excited about. We hope that you enjoy our site and feel free to contact us! 

4th May 2018

Dollhouse World Magazine Editorial

We are so excited to show you Miles By Design's editorial feature in this months Dollshouse World Magazine (Issue 309) showcasing our range of miniatures, the history of Miles By Design and some insight into where we work and our aspirations for the future.

We are extremely pleased with the finished article. Make sure to pick up your copy today!

Best Wishes,


18th March 2018

Our 60th Sale

We have just made our 60th sale today. It was a canvas which had a heart shape made from glued on pink buttons and the words love above it.

As we make such a varied selection of items it is always a surprise for us to see what item has been sold.

We have lots of ideas and only make things that we have a real passion for. We don't really do on trend or fashionable, just what we feel like at the time, and we have been very lucky that people have liked the items we have made. So a very big thank you to all our customers.

Best Wishes,


27th January 2018

Dollshouse World Magazine

Natalie and I have taken out our first advertisement in the Dollhouse World Magazine. It will appear in the March 2018 issue and run for 3 months, so take a look and see what you think!

Natalie designed the artwork herself using our logo and colour theme.

We really enjoy making our dolls house miniatures and have added twelve new items to our range.

We have made a camping scene set, complete with rucksack, sleeping bags and fire. We also have a pretty picnic set with food, blanket, cushions and lovely straw hat.

We have also added accessories to dress up your dolls house, with scatter cushion sets, pictures for the walls and Natalie has made some polymer clay food that looks good enough to eat. I especially like the leg of lamb roast dinner. Yum!

Best Wishes


25th September 2017

Craft Room

I've just put the finishing touches to my new craft room. It is very small but perfectly formed.

I already had the desk area but there was no storage, so I bought a cheap bookcase from Argos and stood it on the desk. I anchored it to the wall so that it would not fall over and squash me!

The next thing was to buy some pretty storage to fill the shelves, how exciting!

Natalie and I went to Home Bargains and bought some lovely vintage looking tins and lots of glass jars to use. They have a great selection and I got carried away.

Now I just go and look at my pretty shelves and wonder if I will get anything done.

The best thing is that now I have an area to craft in, at the end of the day a project can be left till tomorrow and does not have to be cleared away so I can get my dining table ready for dinner.

Best Wishes


27th August 2017

50th Sale

Wow! Natalie and I have just made our 50th sale on our Folksy Store today.

We have been lucky to have reached this milestone as there are a lot of talented sellers on Folksy. However our little shop has done very well to shine out from among so many. 

It has made all our efforts worthwhile and we would like to thank all of our buyers for their custom.We would also like to say a big thank-you to all of our supporters.

Best Wishes,

Julie & Natalie

3rd August 2017

New 'Do It Yourself' Craft Kits!

There is nothing better than crafting something from scratch, to show someone what you have acheived from just a few pieces of material and some thread.

So for our newest collection on our Folksy store we have been making some handy crafting kits for those fully fledged crafters or those that are just finding their passion for the art.

The first two kits are now available to purchase, one of which is a rag doll kit and the other is a cute duo of hanging birds.

Keep checking the Miles By Design store for future kits that will be released.

Check out the kits here on our Folksy store:

Rag Doll Kit

Duo of Hanging Birds Kit - Pink & Blue or Green & Blue

Best Wishes,


7th May 2017

Harlow Comic Con

For many years myself and my friends have been regular visitors to Comic Cons and expos in London and for nearly as many years we have discussed what it would be like to have a stall of our own, showcasing our various areas of expertise.

So when Harlow Leisurezone announced that they were going to be hosting the first Harlow Comic Con we jumped at the chance.

So on the 7th of May after much preparation myself, Dave Jameson and John Gotobed went along to our very own vendor stall.

I was there to promote Heroes of Terisca, Dave the fantasy webisode series 'Fantasy Adventure' and John his gaming website 'Final Boss Fight'. Between the 3 of us we managed to cover a broad range of interests with books, film and games.

At first I think we were all a little nervous. It is not an easy thing to introduce yourself to complete strangers and then proceeed to try and sell them a concept about why they should like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, it seems somewhat self-absorbed.

But as the day drew on it became easier and easier to initiate the conversation.

Luckily for us the response from the day has been great so far! The Heroes Of Terisca keyrings that i had painstakingly crafted went down a treat as a freebie.

We have also managed to obtain those all so important followers so people must have liked what we had to say afterall.

Now that the convention is over I am able to concentrate on Book 3 of the Heroes of Terisca series and the changes that are coming to the Miles By Design website going forward. Including some very exciting lifestyle sections covering everything from healthy eating to skincare.

Watch this space!

Best Wishes,


12th March 2017

Mother's Day

Our Kitsch Feminine Floral Half Apron has made it onto the Mother's Day Gift Guide on

Check out the rest of our craft store for more unique and one of a kind crafts to suit any taste.

1st January 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

To celebrate the New Year you can get 10% off of any of our products if you use the promotional code MBD2017 at the checkout on our Folksy Store.

The offer runs till 31st of January so make sure you do not miss out!

Best Wishes to you for a happy and healthy new year.

Natalie and Julie

Miles By Design

8th November 2016

Christmas Is Coming!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Not long now till Santa will be dropping down the chimney with his Xmas surprises.

We have been making a variety of items for this festive time of year, from felt Xmas hangings to tiny items for the avid dolls house enthusiast. We have made miniature Christmas wrapping sets with pretty bags filled with tissue paper & rolls of wrapping paper. They also come with four individually wrapped presents (Sorry there is nothing inside but don't tell your dolls that)

So check out our Folksy store to see whats new!

Best Wishes,

Julie & Natalie

15th October 2016

Halloween Preparations

With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, Natalie has been busy making polymer clay ghost and pumpkin earrings.

To help get into the 'Spirit' of the occasion I got the job of packaging and after some thought I have managed to come up with some novel ideas cut from card in unusual shapes to attach them too. A witches hat, spider and pumpkin shapes all help to set the scene.

We also have a zombie polymer clay hand on a sterling silver chain which has been packaged in a pretty gift box to add to our collection.

We sold a voodoo postman doll for Valentines day who carried a small envelope with miniature card for that special someone. I needed to make a replacement for the doll so being this time of year I thought I would make him a zombie. He holds a small felt envelope with a tiny card that reads 'With Love' and you can write your own mini message inside, perfect for what ever occasion takes your fancy.

Happy Halloween to you all!

Best Wishes

Julie & Natalie

12th October 2016

Dolls House Magazine Winner!

Congratulations to Jennie, the winner of our fruit bowl in The Dolls House Magazine August addition.

We have really enjoyed making the dolls house items that we have been concentrating on recently. So far we have sold 19 pieces from our dolls house and miniature range.

I have made bedding sets which have been well received and have branched out into haberdashery and household items.

Natalie has been making miniature sushi items and putting them on real slate instead of the usual plates and we have really loved the effect this has had. It looks contemporary and modern.

Next i'm making some usual size items as it can be rather fiddly, making everything so small so its nice to upsize for a while.

Best Wishes,

Julie & Natalie

10th October 2016

For Craft Lovers Everywhere

This blog is for crafters everywhere.

Crafting can be a lonely business. Just you, an idea and then putting everything together, posting it to your website, online store and then nothing.

Do people like it? was it worth all those hours of making?

Then out of the blue someone who you don't know posts a comment saying how nice one of your items is.

This has just happened to me, a lady called Laurie admired two fabric hearts that i made some time ago.

I was sitting here thinking of what to write on our blog today and the message came through.

So a big thank you to people like Laurie, whose kind words inspire people like us crafters to keep on keeping on.

Best Wishes,


1st October 2016

#Free Heroes of Terisca : Vol 1 Ebook

This weekend pick up a free copy of the Heroes of Terisca : Volume One - The Prophecy E-book.

Enter a world of swords and sorcery and allow yourself to be swept along on the adventure of a lifetime.

If you could leave a review on the Amazon store when you are finished I would be most grateful. :)

Get your copy HERE

Best wishes & happy reading,


31st July 2016

Dolls House Magazine Giveaway

Hello there,

Just to let you all know that we are currently being featured in the Dolls' House Magazine on the Giveaway Page.

To be in with a chance at winning our Polymer Clay Fruit Bowl, simply go to the website and fill out the information - Here -

or alternatively pick up a copy of the Dolls' House Magazine from your local newsagents.

Best Wishes and Good Luck,


31st July 2016

Secrets Of Divination Release

I am pleased to finally announce that Heroes of Terisca : Volume Two - Secrets of Divination will be released on Kindle / Ebook on the 1st of August 2016.

I hope that you all continue on with the Heroes of Terisca journey and would love to know what you think.

The book is already available to pre-order on Amazon and will be free for Kindle Unlimited members.

Keep tuned to find out when the paperback version will be released.

Best Wishes


29th May 2016

Range of New Items

Lots of new items posted to our Folksy Store this bank holiday weekend. Now we have over 100 items for sale! Enough of a selection that there should be something there for everyone to enjoy.

Best Wishes


12th May 2016

Feature in the Dolls' House Magazine

Miles By Design would like to say a big thank you to the Dolls House Magazine for featuring us and our 'Beans on Toast Miniature Plate' in this months issue on their 'Objects of Desire' page.

We are both so happy with the finished product, nothing like seeing your hard work in print.

Best Wishes

Miles By Design

2nd May 2016

Julie's New Woven Labels

Hi Everyone,

Hope that you are all keeping well & looking forward to the Summer months that are nearly upon us.

I have been looking around on the internet for a while to purchase some cloth labels that I could add to my fabric crafts to make them look more professional.

I came across a great site called Woven Labels UK which allowed me to choose Miles By Design colours and my own wording to be stitched on them. I managed to do it all myself with only a small amount of help from Natalie, although she may dispute this fact, but she has no evidence to back up these claims.

The only trouble now is I will have to painstakingly hand stitch these on many of the items that I have already made, so it may be sometime till my next blog or that is my excuse anyway.

Best Wishes,


28th February 2016

Now Available, a signed copy of Heroes of Terisca

Hey Everyone!

Some more news!

You can now purchase signed copies of Heroes of Terisca from our Folksy Store!

You can even tell me what you want your personal dedication to say!

Best Wishes,


28th February 2016

March Giveaway - Join The Fun

Hey Everyone,

Thank you to all of you that participated in our vote for what the March giveaway prize should be.

The votes have been counted and the result is in. *Drumroll Please* The winner is the fabric bookmark which won by a landslide.

So now is your chance to get yourself in the running to win either the tuxedo or the ball gown.

Simply join in the action on our facebook page here - and follow the instructions to enter.

Best Wishes

Miles By Design

2nd February 2016

March Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

Thinking of doing a Giveaway this March on our Facebook group ! But before we decide on the prize we thought we would give you guys the opportunity to input what sort of item you would prefer.

The items to pick from are :

1. Fabric Brooch

2. Polymer Clay Earrings

3. Dolls House Miniature

4. Bookmark

Would love to know what your choice is and will keep you up to date with the results and cast your vote on our Facebook Page Here -

Hope to hear your thoughts!

Best Wishes,


2nd February 2016

100 Likes On Facebook

Hello Everyone!

Made it to over 100 likes on our Facebook Page today! If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet then visit it here-

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to like posts and comment on our photos, every single one is appreciated.

Now we start working towards 200 and maybe even a giveaway which will be posting more information about soon!

Best Wishes,

Natalie :) 

31st January 2016

Paperback Heroes of Terisca

Hello Everyone!

First of all let me apologise that it has been so long since our last post.

Between Xmas and updating a new range of products to the Folksy Store we have been inundated with various bits of work and the blog seems to have fallen to the wayside a little.

But we are back and we have some exciting news. Heroes Of Terisca : Volume One - The Prophecy is now available in Paperback!

Best Wishes,


7th December 2015

Fundraising Donation

Pleased to announce that Miles By Design have donated two items to the raffle draw for Raunds Playgroup in Northamptonshire. Which will be drawn on the 12th of December for their Christmas Fayre. Good luck to Raunds with all their fundraising!!


29th November 2015

Seasons Greetings

Hi There!

We have been very busy at the moment making X-mas cards & fabric Christmas hangings. We have only done a few as we do not want to get left with a lot of stock to store after Christmas, but if we are really lucky people will buy some so we won't have to.

Natalie has been hard at work promoting our folksy store on lots of social media sites and through this we have made 5 sales (Wow!) What is even better is that they are not people that we know, so it's a great feeling to think that someone has liked our items enough to purchase them.

It takes a lot of hard work on Natalie's part to get us noticied, as on Folksy you just seem to get lost in the crowd if you dont promote yourself well.

We have now got our store up and stocked so we are going to now spend more time on our own website and get more things added, such as Natalie's writing workshop and i want to get my recipe page up and running.

So hopefully if you come back we will have more to share!

Best Wishes,


5th November 2015

Back From Disneyland Paris

Hey Everyone,

Just returned from an enchanted 6 day holiday at DisneyLand Paris!

I have never been before so did not know what to expect when walking through those magical gates for the first time. However I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We went just in time for the Halloween Soiree bash and had great fun dressing up for the party and getting a chance to meet and greet all those sinister Disney Villains.

We were also lucky enough to be there for the bonfire night display and see them start to change over the park decorations from Halloween to Christmas. (The end of october to early November is definitely the time to go)

Spending so long in the company of all the fantastical characters has given me loads of inspiration and ideas for the sequel of Heroes of Terisca, and I have a large notepad filled with scribbles that I jotted down on the Eurostar journey home.

I needed the break but I am glad to be back and I am ready to get back into the swing of things!!

Best Wishes,


22nd October 2015

Successful Book Promotion Day

Hey Everyone,

So the website has finally been launched after weeks of blood sweat and tears. I have never created anything like this before and although the site builder is pretty much fool proof, I have had to go through a steep learning curve of all things website, social media and links.

The day that the website was launched I also ran a special offer for my book ‘Heroes of Terisca: Volume One – The Prophecy’ giving it away for free for the day.

Thank you to the 164 people that downloaded it, I hope that you enjoy it and will be kind enough to write a review on Amazon once you are done.

Going forward I hope to get the areas of the website that are still under construction up and running and that you continue to check back from time to time to check out the new content.

Best Wishes


21st October 2015

Christmas Comes Early

Evening everyone,

Hope that you have had a good day. Natalie and I went shopping for some craft supplies on Saturday. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to ribbons and sparkly beads, and managed to get some christmas bits and pieces.

I'm now getting like all those shops that I moan about, you know the ones that I mean, just finished with summer and it's xmas already.

Well I've now got to craft ahead so I have things made in time for the right season.

Oh how empires are grown. But dont worry I wont let it change me, or not until i've made my first million. Haha !

Best Wishes,


18th October 2015

Website Launch

Well hello to you all on this lovely Sunday morning! We were working late last night getting our new website up and running, we hope that you like it!

Natalie has been hard at work setting up the webpage and linking everything to our new Folksy shop and her novel 'Heroes of Terisca' on Amazon.

Truth be told I've not been much use on that side, but I've been keeping her supplied with cups of tea, the least I can do.

I do have a habit of causing her more work when she asks me am I happy with the page she has just done. I say 'can you do this or that' and then feel terrible when I realise later how long all these changes take. I'm used to mistakes being removed with a rubber, not a mouse.

We still have a few pages that we need to work on, but decided to go live with the website and add these as we go along. So hopefully you will travel along with us and this venture and enjoy it as much as I hope we will.

Best Wishes,


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