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Heroes of Terisca: Volume One-

The Prophecy By Natalie Miles

The land of Terisca has been split in two for a hundred years.

Kings on either side of the land once called themselves allies but now consider themselves enemies.

On one side lies the city of Alamar, a great beacon in the South. In Alamar they specialise in trade and farming.

In the North there is High Reach, a city located upon the side of the tallest mountain, here they specialise in one thing, Magic.

Prince Arnett is the heir of Alamar. Unlike his Father King Madren, he does not relish the responsibilities and trivialities that come with his royal status.

Instead he longs for a simple existence, to be able to walk through the streets of the city on his own and to do something more important with his life than sit at feasts and dance at balls.

So when he meets a mysterious girl at the market who sells him an unusual trinket box, it seems that he may have fulfilled his wish. But it is true what they say, “Be careful what you wish for”.

What Arnett could not predict is the spiral of events that this chance meeting would bring about. A meeting that could determine the course of the future if he does not try and stop it.

‘The Prophecy’ is the first book in the ‘Heroes of Terisca Series’, with twists and turns at every corner and vivid characters and their complex relationships.

The world of Terisca is brought to life in this 124,000 word novel that will continue on to tell this thrilling and exciting tale on an epic scale.

The Heroes of Terisca are waiting for you to join them on the first part of their adventure!

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Heroes Of Terisca : Volume Two - Secrets of Divination

They thought that their journey had been hard up till now but Arnett, Claria and the rest of the Heroes of Terisca have no idea what other perils lay between them and High Reach.

Together they must battle foes and strike up new alliances to find out the truth behind the mysterious trinket box and try to free Katib Tanis from captivity.

But with so many betrayals and obstacles in their way, will they ever make it to the throne room of King Alacard?

Heroes of Terisca: Volume Two - Secrets Of Divination is the sequel to the epic novel Heroes of Terisca: Volume One - The Prophecy. 

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Heroes of Terisca : Volume Three

The Temple In The Sands

With the shores of Terisca a distant speck on the horizon, our heroes are now about to embark on the next perilous step on their adventure.

The Eastern Isles awaits them across the ocean but so does its malevolent ruler.

Will they finally find the answers that they seek and will the mysteries of the Box of Divination be revealed?

Find out in Volume Three of the Heroes of Terisca series

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