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Mushroom Burgers

When we were having a barbecue before I had my gallstone operation I could not eat fatty foods, so burgers and hot dogs were out of the question . This is when I first tried barbecue Portebello Mushrooms and popped them into a roll with a dash of tomato sauce.

They were so yummy that even after my operation I still eat these rather than a burger.

In this recipe they have been cooked in a griddle pan instead.

Serves 4


  • 4 Large Mushrooms
  • Oil
  • 4 Rolls
  • Sauce Of Your Choice
  • Filling Of Your Choice


1) Pour a small amount of oil onto a piece of kitchen paper and wipe over a griddle pan.

2) Wipe over Mushrooms with a damp piece kitchen paper to clean them.

3) Heat the griddle pan to medium heat and cook the mushrooms till a nice brown colour or to your personal preference.

4) Place some kitchen paper on a plate and remove mushrooms. Pat with paper to remove any moisture or they will make your rolls soggy.

5) Build your rolls to your liking with lettuce, cheese, pickles, mayo, ketchup or whatever else you like.

To Serve

Serve with chips or if you are feeling creative why not try your hand at some homemade sweet potato fries.

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