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6th October 2016

A dangerous expedition into unfamiliar terrain!

Arnett, Claria and the Heroes are journeying to get to the throne room of King Alacard? Along their path are numerous problems as well as treacheries. They need to get Katib Tanis out of imprisonment. Discovering the reality and truth of the secrecies is a must, but in order to do so, they have to find fresh coalitions, and they’ll have to contest with rivals. Little do they know of the threats they will come up against before High Reach. Their expedition was never easy but it gets tougher and more dangerous; will they have the fortitude to even finish it? Heroes of Terisca is book 2 in this action packed, fantasy series. Author, Natalie Miles, has down a great job of continuing the series. Prince Arnett, his sister, Claria along with her brother continue on their trip into dangerous and unfamiliar terrain. Make sure you read book 1, (The Prophecy) the beginning of this wonderful series. I enjoyed both equally and am definitely looking forward for more books by of Natalie Miles.


By Elsbeth

26th August 2016

A Wonderfully Captivating Fantasy Novel

This is the second book that I have read in the Heroes Of Terisca series and it was equally as good, if not better than the first one.

I love the interaction and comradeship of the characters, which has continued over from the last book and I am looking forward (in fact I can't wait) for the next instalment to see how these characters develop even further. Even some of the more unsavoury characters from the first book have been wonderfully crafted to make the reader have a complete change of heart regarding them.

I found that the Heroes of Terisca: Volume Two seamlessly carried forward the story of Prince Arnett, his sister, Claria and her brother as their journey continued into unknown territory.

This is a fantasy novel which has a lot of depth to its characters and twists and turns in the plot. Rather than the usual stereotypes in these types of stories in which you can guess the dialogue and ending before it has even begun.

I wish I had not read the book so fast because now I have even longer to wait till the next book arrives. I would strongly recommend that you give this fantasy series a try.


By Paul Ian Chaplin

31st January 2017

This is a continuation of a wonderful adventure started in Volume One

This is a continuation of a wonderful adventure started in volume one, that converted me into a fan of fantasy. A group of friends must overcome impossible adversaries and situations to save themselves and their loved ones. That description really doesn't do it justice; this has a bit of everything in it. I didn't think it was possible to better volume one, but how wrong was I! The only poor analogy I can come up with is televisions going from HD to 4K, because that is what the Author has done. Everything is so much clearer and crisper and as a result it connected to my heart strings. I experienced joy and sadness reading this and truly didn't want it to end. As soon as I started to read volumeBy Paul Ian Chaplin two I was transported into the action and the descriptive writing allowed me to feel the bitter cold or revel in the joy of comradery. The narrative also let you feel like the characters are your friends, so of course you care what happens to them. A few times as I was reading, I was asking myself where is this going to go now, only to discover a twist or a surprise just around the corner. I have to confess once or twice I was leaning forward in my seat and swaying a little as I read a battle scene, I can't recall reading a better one in my entire life!! I thought this story was beautifully paced with just enough time to catch your breath before something else jumped me!. Sadly I can't detail a couple scenes in this that I think merit special praise (no spoilers here) but I can't think of any other Author that could've written them better. It is with regret that I have to award five stars but I'm limited to such a small amount!

I eagerly await the third installment and pray the saga grows as wonderfully as the Author has.


By The Lonely Angel

12th January 2017

Heroes of Terisca is my favourite series

This is the second volume of the Heroes of Terisca series. It reintroduces the characters amazingly and continues their adventure into the north, having passed the barrier at the end of the first novel. I really enjoyed seeing the new evolving friendship between these characters.


By MandaPanda

19th November 2017

5 Star Read!

Yet again another amazing read that leaves you wanting more. This book is written brilliantly and keeps you guessing at every turn. You become very attached to the characters and too their stories and feel like your fully emersed in the land of Terisca. An incredible book and I cannot wait for the next instalment. 100% recommend this book!


J S Jeary

6th July 2017

Fantastic read and a great continuation of the story so far.

I have genuinely had some can't put it down moments while I was reading this book. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of the fantasy genre.

I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to the rest of the series and can't wait to get started on book three!


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