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By Paul Ian Chaplin

15th September 2015

An Absolute Delight, More more more!

I stumbled onto this by accident, I'm so glad I did I loved it. It only took 6 to 10 lines on page 1 and I was hooked. If there is a better start to a book I haven't found it yet. This is a great story set in a harsh and unforgiving time and beautifully told. I must mention and praise how the violence (although there isn't much) was handled. It was only there when the story demanded it and this only made the plot more realistic. The Author treated this with such delicacy and skill that I was actually shocked and stunned, if you can generate that response in your readers then you are very talented. Pacing and depth of story was perfect and every character is delightful and genuine. My only note of sadness is that the part of my day that I cherished to read this book is now empty!! Volume 2 please I can't wait .


By Robert Gotobed

20th September 2015

Great Starter For Ten

The Prophecy reminds me of the better parts of Robert E Howard's work, the characterisation of the main people of the book are very good, even the villains are not two dimensional. It really makes me want to read on and find out what happens next. Is it going to include the characters from this book and the supernatural creatures that were described in this first instalment?

What developments will happen to the characters? Will their powers/skills grow?

Please tell me what happens to Princess Jessica and Prince Arnett?


By Gordon Miles

27th August 2015

Great Beginning to an Epic Fantasy Tale

I picked this book due to the glowing reviews already on here, and I am definitely glad that I did. As the first book by this author I was not sure what to expect but I was not disappointed.

First of all the cheap price is great for the amount of content that you are getting, over 124,000 words or so it says in the blurb.

But price aside, the story kept me entertained thoroughly all the way to the end . It was paced well so it did not seem rushed.

It ends on such a cliff hanger that I cannot wait for the second part in the series.

I can see this book being popular with any Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones fans. As it is similar, with an Epic journey across a dramatic landscape filled with memorable characters. Although there is not as much gore as 'Thrones' it does have its moments.


By J S Jeary

16th August 2015

Fantastic book.

The writing was enthralling and the characters really came to life when interacting with one another. While I disagreed with some of the character choices in the book I still found myself coming back for more, delving into the character's backstories and realizing why they made those choices.

For anyone who is looking for a good adventure read over the summer with a decent amount of plot and twists, this is definitely the book for you!


By The Lonely Angel

5th October 2015

Great Price , Great Characters, Great Read

I don't often write reviews, but this was a really enjoyable book, with some really well developed characters, both on the side of heroes and villains, and an interesting plot line.

For a more detailed, potentially spoiler filled, review:


By Francesca Camfield

22nd October 2015

A Page Turner That Will Keep You Hooked

Well, what can I say...? This book is great!

I don't usually read books from the fantasy genre however the blurb had me hooked and the reviews had me intrigued.

I've never read any of this author's books before but I immediately liked her style of writing and fully intend to buy more. Natalie Miles has a great ability to capture your imagination with her descriptive and vivid use of language.

I can't wait for the sequel.

The characters are great and I can't wait to read more about them (although don't make the same mistake as I did by falling in love with some of the characters. Nobody is safe)

I like the range too. There's rich, poor, young, old; literally a character that every reader can relate to.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the author's imagination takes us next.


By Amy Jane Thomas

27th November 2015

A Must Read For Everyone!

Where do I start!? From the very beginning this brilliant book had me gripped! It claws you in and even at the end, it leaves you wanting more. Let's just say that I cannot wait for the next book! Written perfectly and it has plenty of twists and turns. I found myself gasping and laughing at the sametime. As someone who finds it hard to read a whole book, I read this within a matter of days, I had to slow myself down! I just loved it, simply brilliant! I am telling everyone I know to read it!!


By Marco Marek

17th December 2015

Alamar's Finest

The author have created an amazing world with Heroes of Terisca, the Kingdom of Alamar had a threat so King Madren have ordered that no one of his royal family was to step outside.

But Prince Arnett suffer to be like a prisoner, so he planned to escape going to the city, He bought a trinket box from a beautiful girl at the Alamar market. At home he found with his sister Jessa that the box turn out to be kind of magic box. Arnett then wanted to find Claria, the nice girl who sold him for ask her what she knows about it, so he escaped again. This book is written is a such amazing way and i enjoyed reading it very much, i love the mysterious and magic box ! But for know more about it i have to wait the volume two.



16th April 2016

 Author Natalie Miles will coax you into her imaginary world and have you hooked from the get-go

One time allies but now foes are the kings of Terisca. Alamar, to the south, is known for interchanging and agriculture. Dedicated to one source, Magic, is the city to the north, High Reach, upon the lateral of the highest elevation. Alamar’s successor, Prince Arnett, is not gripped with the duties and in-consequences of ruling, like his dad, King Madren is. Attending banquets and royal festivities seems more meaningless to Alamar and he wants something more significant to do with his life. The rare trinket box he obtains from an enigmatic, young lady, may just be the answer to what he has longed for. But not everything that shines in gold. A vibrant cast of characters and their complicated dealings, ‘The Prophecy’ book 1 in the ‘Heroes of Terisca Series, is filled with adventure, intrigue and mystery. Author Natalie Miles will coax you into her imaginary world and have you hooked from the get-go. Her writing style is enthralling, yet not complicated to follow. Laden with heroes, villains, Heroes Of Terisca: Volume One - The Prophecy is a wonderful fantasy you don’t want to miss out on.


By Amazon Customer

27th June 2017

A brilliant read from start to finish

A brilliant read from start to finish. I was gripped from the moment I started reading. Written so well in a way the describes the characters so you can imagine them so clearly in your head. I would highly recommend this book to read by the pool on holiday or in the evening with a glass of wine. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. A wonderful well written and exciting read.



4th September 2017

Heroes of Terisca was a great read!

I loved the characters and the journey they go on both physically and mentally. My favourite thing about the author's writing is the amount of detail she puts in within her story telling. The mention of subtle characters and their small back stories really add to the immersion of the world she has created.

I cannot wait to read the next volume to see what happens next!


Lisette S

1st October 2016

Can't Wait For The Next One

As a new mother of twins I don't have much time to read but the second instalment of this will be top of my list. Excellent world building, loved the Whedon-esque use of modern language in the medieval setting and of course twins ! Would never have guessed this was a first novel and hopefully many many more too come.


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