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Step Seven - Overcoming Writers Block

Now here I am about to contradict myself, yes I am aware. But even I know the grip of writers block and the difficulty of knowing where you want your story to go but not knowing how to get it there.

It is times like these when some are ready to throw in the towel due to pure frustration but I found a way to halt the writing process for a while but still keep my mind focused on the project at hand.

Drawing became my secondary muse, a therapeutic outlet that meant I could still develop upon what I had already got down on the page.

I developed a series of character concept drawings and maps as well as prop sketches and points of interest.

I then photographed these images and posted them on various social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr (which if I’m honest I still haven’t grasped).

When I started getting the likes and comments for these pictures it reignited the passion that I had for the project and made me want to go back to it.

Of course the drawings and maps are also great for visually promoting what you are creating and gaining some initial interest for your potential customers of the future.

The images also help keep character descriptions concise and uniform in your own head, giving you a quick reference guide to refer back to should you forgot your heroes eye colour.

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