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Step Six - Distractions & Disturbances

So now it is time for your mind to start flowing and your fingers to start typing.

You seem to have been planning for so long but now it is time to get creative. However there always seems to be something trying to get in the way of you and your musings.

The biggest problem that I seem to face when writing is distractions. It might just be a text or a twitter notification, or someone has liked your photo on Instagram but there is some lack of discipline in my brain that does not stop me from just taking a look. However this quick check then turns into a 20 minute stint where I have looked into what other people I follow have been up to and maybe even what new series has appeared on Netflix.

Your workspace for writing should be your sacred area, a place that you can disappear to without interruptions and if that means leaving the IPhone just beyond your reach then so be it.

These disturbances definitely work against you and in the long run I wonder how much quicker I could have had ‘Heroes of Terisca – The Prophecy’ out in the store without them.

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