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Succulent and Ribbon Hoop Wall Hanging

This lovely wall hanging would look great in a feminine bedroom, or girly home office,

It has a boho vibe and the succulents give it a modern twist.

You Will Need

  • 1 wooden embroidery hoop (inner ring) can be any size. Ours was 20cm diameter.
  • An assortment of ribbons, lace and beads.
  • 1 piece oblong felt (ours was 18cm x 7cm
  • 4 felt succulents (see our felt succulent display tutorial on how to make these.)
  • Needle and thread


1) Lay out your ribbons etc and cut them to the same length ( ours were 50cm long) You could cut them to varying lengths if you like that effect.

2) Pin them across the middle of your felt and sew in to place to secure 

3) Wrap the felt over the bottom of your wooden hoop, pin into place and then sew securely.

4) Next sew on your succulents onto the felt to hold them into place. You could make any felt flowers, instead of succulents you could try something like daisys.

5) We have left out hoop natural wood but you could over wrap it in wool or ribbon if you so wish.

Then hang and enjoy!

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